Storytelling, the lost art?

Storytelling is an ancient art, dating back to the beginning of mankind when ancient hunters related heroic epics of hunting and great kills.

As man evolved so did the art of storytelling. Different forms of tales evolved, including Fairy Tales from the creative side of life; Folk Tales which shared important life lessons; Legendary / Tall Tales - often called 'lies' - express unbelievable events; Personal Tales about the tellers childhood (often exagerated just a bit). Some stories are true, others are based in truth or a story might just be the result of an active imagination. But every story will take you somewhere you have never been.

As unique as the stories are, Storytellers are just as wonderful. Why, today's storytellers can easily take you on a journey to far away places where you will meet the most unusual people and have the most splendiferous adventures. Storytellers each have a different story to offer, some original, others from our rich past of wonderful legends, and each has a unique way of telling and sharing their tale.

Where is the best place to hear a Live Storyteller? Some folks like to start at their own dinner table, the water cooler in their office, or you might visit a Storytelling Festival. You can find a festival near you by visitng the National Storytelling Network or doing an Internet search on "Storytelling" (include your state to narrow the results a bit). In North Carolina you can visit the NC Storytelling Guild.

Want to hear a story right NOW? Click Here.

If you have not considered it, think about having a storyteller visit your next civic luncheon, dinner, or business event. Storytellers have a wonderful way of opening folks minds and hearts with inspirational stories and laughter. Click HERE to contact Gale about bringing stories to your place.

"He looked back at the growing cluster of children surrounding him and with each found a new story, which he delivered with great delight and spontaneity." The Gift by E Gale Buck, 1996