Stories and Legends in Print
by E Gale Buck

A quiet avocation of writing began in December, 1983 when Gale had a problem with Christmas. "A Birthday Story" blossomed into a tradition of writing that has spanned nearly three decades and produced over 200 works. Most stories have been written for Gale's wife and children for special events such as Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day and the like. You might not know it by looking at him but Gale is a hopeless romantic.

In 1993 Gale "published" the first collection of stories entitled Wanderings in Love and Devotion (my favorite dribble). The initial publishing effort consisted of one copy put on display in his office - a reminder.

As a piper and participant in the Highland traditions, Gale wrote The Highander's Way which was completed in December, 2000 and was self-published (about 10 copies). Working with a group of experienced writers The Highander's Way has grown into a two volume set under the title of Vrenessbith. We are currently seeking an agent to help with publishing the first volume. We will tell you as soon as it becomes available.

Gale became heir to a tradition of quiet service to the requests of Saint Nicholas in October, 2007. Folks did not understand the legend of Santa's Woodsman until The Woodsman's Tale, share your life without expectation was published in 2010. The Woodsman's work continues in Finding Nicholas, secrets of santa revealed by his woodsmen released in October, 2011. But the stories in Finding Nicholas were too complex and involved for friends to share. This was corrected in May, 2013 when The Secret Stories of Santa as told by his woodsmen for storytellers (and parents) was released. The stories from Finding Nicholas whittled down for sharing (plus some new ones). Click on the images (to the right) to find out more and read reviews of these works.

Stories are still being written, so check back often for news.

Current Selections from "Wanderings"

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"I feel powerful when I face my enemy in battle, but I feel strength when I hold Brian's hand in mine. Strength is better than power."
Rachel from "The Highlander's Way"

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