Welcome to your own personal magic

Do you remember the “Wizard of Oz” with Judy Garland? How about the scene where Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and Toto are entering the dark forest? Do you remember their chant? Let’s try it together, “Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!” Got the melody? Now try this, “Santa and Faeries and Dragons and More!” One more time, “Santa and Faeries and Dragons and More!”

I have never sought to be normal and my business card is a testament to this.
As you can see I am in the business of “Helping others reconnect with the Magic of Imagination and Creativity” by “Revealing the magic in our lives.” My job, put quite simply is to help people open their minds to what is already around them. In the “Wizard of Oz” the intrepid adventurers chanted “Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!” and sure enough a lion appeared. Okay, a cowardly lion but a lion just the same. So what should you expect with “Santa and Faeries and Dragons and More!”? That depends upon how you view the world.

As a writer I am currently working on three projects. “A Quiet Service” tracks the lives of men and women who work with Saint Nicholas. They are Santa’s Woodsmen; I am the 13th. “Treasured Adversaries” is the story of a young boy and dragon whose lives are linked at birth and are destined to be forever entangled as they share extraordinary greatness. Then there is “Vrenessbith,” a wee faerie who was born to protect the Highlands of Scotland and helps men and women win a war they have been told they will not survive. Each of these stories looks at a real world, the world you and I live in, and then beyond to its magical elements.

You see, there is magic all around us. Most folks look at the world and see trees, buildings, exhaust from too many cars, people stumbling through their own days, and more. More of the same. Concrete and brick and not very imaginative stuff. But, if you look beyond the brick and mortar, look around the people to the life that is flourishing on every street corner just behind the busy traffic of people making a living day to day. That is one place magic lives, just out of sight, just out of reach of those who refuse to see it.

Another trip down memory lane; do you remember hidden pictures? Pictures hidden in the art of another picture? The trick to seeing the hidden picture is to stare at the dominant picture but look just behind it, beyond it if you can. Once you connect to the hidden picture it is almost impossible to see the “dominant picture,” the hidden world is now dominant. The magical element becomes undeniable.

Most folks would definitely say “magic” is not normal. Thank goodness they are right because it isn’t. Magic is special, magic is creative, magic unlocks imaginations, magic is … well, MAGIC! Look at a sunrise – the beauty of color, the peace before the day gets going, the solitude, your chance to get back in touch with who you are before somebody else tries to define you. This happens every day for those who take the time to pause before starting. People who take time to embrace the magic around them, allow the magic into their soul. You don’t have to see the sun rise to appreciate a good sunrise – you can sense it in your soul; that is where magic rests, quietly unseen and awaiting your discovery.

I am not going to try to convince you that Santa and Faeries and Dragons are real; that would be silly. But if you wish to believe in the magic around you, stop, breathe deeply, block the sounds of the concrete world from your heart and listen to the peace that then surrounds you. While you are at it, laugh with that faerie playing on your eyelid, wave to the dragon overhead, and shake hands with Santa. No, this is not normal, but it can your own personal magic. Enjoy.

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