So, Just What is Normal?

When I was a freshman in high school, my mom made me a leopard skin fake fur vest. I had the only one in school! In college I learned to play the Great Highland Bagpipes. Lots of folks joke about learning to play the bagpipes but I still do – learn and play. At work I tried to always side with the “customer.” This did not make me popular with management but my customers and clients loved me. After I went to Santa School, my wife made a “green suit” for me to wear to Christmas events. I now present the Magic of Christmas all year as Santa’s Woodsman. You can read this story at She later made a “red suit” which I proudly wear during “the season.” Then I joined the uncommon ranks of “Professional Storytellers.” What makes me different as a storyteller is that I rarely tell traditional folk tales and my stories generally do not deal with enhanced life adventures. A few of my stories are exaggerated from days past but my primary theme is the MAGIC in every day. Now, would you say that I am normal? I certainly hope not.

When you think of “normal,” what images form in your mind? Most dictionaries define “normal” as “conforming to a standard type or pattern.” Other definitions include “occurring naturally” or “being mentally sound” (that is scary!).

Most people like to think they are “normal,” that is somewhat like other people within their community. And normal can be good – you keep your job, folks like you, you get to enjoy your life, you don’t carry the weight of being different. Now, I hope you are sitting down because I need to tell you something. You are not normal. There is no such animal!

Some say “average” is normal but it can’t be. Average is a composite of differences, which is rarely normal. There is also “common place” which some say is normal but in reality is as the farthest thing from normal. You see “common place” is characterized as uninteresting and everything in life is interesting to someone, if you look at it right. What about “mundane,” is that normal? No, absolutely not! Mundane is boring. Very few folks are really boring given the chance to be who they truly are. People really are exciting, each in their own fashion. You might not find your neighbor exciting, but what does he think about you?

Be careful about what you consider normal, average, common place, or mundane. Even these characterizations vary according to culture, time, and place. They are relative to where you live and work and can even differ by what side of town you live on. While you are looking at your community – neighbors and friends – accept them for their wonderful peculiarities. They might just accept you for who you are in return.

My intent in developing a blog about “Not Normal” is not to explore our differences nor even to explore what makes each of us special. My real goal is to explore our unique existence and reveal within our daily lives the unusual, the extraordinary. The magic that surrounds us. Why each “normal” day is special – if you allow it to be.

So, let’s start out by looking in the mirror. Are you who you want to be? If so, congratulations – you are NOT normal. But if you are not who you want to be, why not? Do you know who you want to be? Take some time today to look at the world around you and think, “What is stopping me (you) from becoming the best me the world has ever seen?” Did I skip a step there? No, you do not have to decide who you want to be. You do NOT have to make a Grande Decision about who you are to be! It can be a fresh discovery every day! Another step in your daily evolution as you embrace the Magic Around You.

More to come!

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