Calling Storytellers and Writers

Storytelling is an ancient art, dating back to the beginning of mankind when ancient hunters related heroic epics of hunting and great kills. Legends of these hunts were painted on cave walls. As man evolved, so did the art of storytelling. Cave walls became printed books. Today's storytellers can easily take you on a journey to far away places where you will meet the most unusual people and have the most splendiferous adventures. Storytellers each have a different story to offer, some original, others from our rich past of wonderful legends, and each has a unique way of telling it.

Storytellers make better Teachers and succeed more often in Job Interviews. The winning Attorney is often the better Storyteller. Parents of children of all ages build stronger families with stories, even if the children don't seem to be listening. Storytelling happens Everywhere, around the office, around the dinner table - wherever friends gather. If you have a story to share, or would like to tell your story a bit better, I would like to hear from you.

My name is Gale Buck and I moved to Martinsville, VA in December, 2021. I have shared stories in classrooms and on stage for over 50 years (I have nearly a hundred stories ready to share). In 2014, I won the North Carolina Bold-Faced Liars Showdown and was the 2015 South Carolina Tall Tales Champion Liar (I told a good story). I have also published a number of books available through Amazon and other fine book stores.

If you have a story to share, either Spoken or Written, I would like to meet you. You see, writers need the critique of other writers and storytellers get better when they share their tales. If you would like to help start a Storytellers Guild or Writers Circle in Martinsville, please click HERE to send me an email (

Worlds of wonder are calling to us all!

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