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Well, Hello - Welcome to Woodsman Stories

Woodsman Stories is named after Gale Buck's association with Saint Nicholas as Santa's Woodsman, and the growing daily endeavor opened by Nicholas. In these few pages we hope you will find a smile, or two.
The Stories tab offers a couple of short stories, part of a collection begun years ago and still growing today. These stories change occaisionally. There are also links to books by Gale Buck, find out more under Stories.
Visit the Storytelling page for a glimpse at an old tradition that has found new audiences. You can even ask Gale to tell a story or two for your lunch, dinner or celebration.
Then there is Santa's Woodsman - a daily pleasure to help everyone find the True Magic of Christmas in Everyday.

Woodsman Tale Finding Nicholas
Imagine what your world would be like if you helped one other person to smile each week. What about today?

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