The Books of Santa's Woodsmen

I am the Thirteenth in the lineage of Santa's Woodsmen. We are men and women who serve the requests of Saint Nicholas, a.k.a. "Santa Claus." Each Woodsman has had a different "job" based upon their given talents and abilities. My job is to share the stories of the Woodsmen and the True Magic of Christmas.

The Books of Santa's Woodsman
The Woodsman's Tale
Finding Nicholas
Secret Stories of Santa
A Quiet Service - the lineage of santa's woodsmen in four volumes
Stories From the North Pole

Other books by E. Gale Buck

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A Quiet Service - the lineage of santa's woodsmen
a scandinavian legacy

a scandinavian legacy
Jonathon Syzmoor turned his back on his community and his family when his wife died. His grandson, Andrew, woke him to reality, and Jonathon began repairing the damage he had caused, and more. He began a partnership of service with Saint Nicholas, which he passed on to his grandson, who passed it on to his son, Abram. This legacy might have died with the untimely death of Abram, but Nicholas found another. Through Jameson Thorpe, the legacy continues.

exploring a new world

exploring a new world
The Woodsmen of Saint Nicholas have been ordinary people who answered an extraordinary call, to help people find the True Spirit of Christmas year round. They shared their lives without expectation. Arthur Thorpe was the fifth in this unusual lineage. His story begins in Norway, son of the fourth Woodsman. As a young man he read about problems in America, following the first world war. Believing he could make a difference, he came to the United States of America. This journal chronicles not only his efforts to help a weary land but also his hunger to explore the vast reaches of a remarkable country. During an age when selfless service was sorely needed, yet not easily found, Arthur found adventure, romance, heartache, and opportunity beyond his expectations.

passion beyond misfortune

passion beyond misfortune
Since beginning his partnership with Jonathan Syzmoor in 1831, Nicholas has sought people who demonstrated a passion for others by sharing their hearts, time, and talents. He needed men and women who would help him share the True Magic of Christmas in Every Day. In 1932 Maxwell Kartar, the sixth Woodsman of Saint Nicholas, served only one day, yet his wife, Edith, continued to serve on her own as the seventh in this proud lineage. Merging Max's passions into her own and later adopting those of Nicholas, she became a formidable force within her community. Jimmy Norfleet, the eighth Woodsman, lost his wife at an early age, yet their passion took root within their daughter. Bethany succeeded her father, becoming Nicholas' ninth partner in service to Christmas. Filled with troubles and successes, love and loss, sunshine and rain, their stories are uncommon. Their passion for each day helped them rise above misfortunes, lifting others as well. You could find your own story within theirs. These are the stories of four of Santa's Woodsmen, quiet service in response to the year-round requests of Saint Nicholas.

reaching beyond tomorrow

reaching beyond tomorrow
Jonathon Syzmoor was the first, in 1831. His legacy of working with Saint Nicholas continues to this day, around the world. Men and women have answered the call from Nicholas to do more and expect nothing in return, to share their lives without expectation. Each of these servants has a story. "Reaching beyond tomorrow" contains the stories of the four most recent members of this lineage, serving from 1972 to today and beyond tomorrow. These final chapters of the Lineage of Santa's Woodsmen also includes Natasaha's story (Missus Claus), and Alapouella Pohjantähti ("The North Pole").

Finding Nicholas - secrets of santa revealed by his woodsmen
Finding Nicholas When Gale Buck became the 13th in the Lineage of Santa's Woodsmen, in October 2007, Nicholas agreed that his task should be to help others find the True Magic of Christmas in Everyday. Nicholas made the letters, journals, logs and personal notes of the previous eleven Woodsmen available to Gale. While assembling the 'Secrets of Santa revealed by his Woodsmen,' a new story unfolded, the story of Nicholas. Through these stories told by the Woodsmen the man behind the legend of Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, is revealed as never before.

What others have said:
"In Finding Nicholas, readers will journey through space and time as Santa delivers gifts, merriment, and love. Every tale captures the magic of Christmas through spiritual and loving messages and can turn even the coldest souls into believers. All stories honor the traditions of Christmas from the birth of the Christ child to the lineage of Santa's reindeer. Pull a comfy chair near the fireplace, grab a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and enjoy the woodsman's messages, compiled by one of their very own." Leslie Creek, Wake Forest, NC

"This is an inside look at the year long efforts of Santa as recorded by his Woodsman." Santa Jim Hastings, Durham, NC

"I have been wearing the red suit of Christmas for almost 50 years, and it has become my heart's desire to know deep inside my being the secrets of Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas. The Woodsman knows these secrets, and with reverent wisdom he shares some of them with his readers. If you too are privileged to wear the Christmas suit, be careful, for what you learn by reading this tale, may change you and your Santa role forever." Santa Cliff Snider, High Point, NC

"In addition to finally answering all those magically mysteries rounding St. Nicholas and Christmas in a wonderful believable read, you'll also find the real connection between St. Nicholas and the Church." Kim Pearce, GFWC-NC Executive Director

"This book is truly awesome . . .You and Nicholas have a message that is needed in this mixed up world." Betty Buck, Wilmington, NC

The Secret Stories of Santa - as told by his woodsmen for storytellers (and parents)
Secret Stories of Santa
I had actually started to write The Secrets of Santa when I discovered Finding Nicholas. Somewhere in the course of reviewing the logs and journals of the Woodsmen I came to know Nicholas, the man who inspired the legend of Santa Claus, in a new way. But my many Santa friends wanted the Secrets of Santa so they could tell them as stories on visits to the children blessed with belief, and maybe a few older children who still wish to believe. So for the Santas, other storytellers, and Parents who wish to share the Magic of Christmas, I offer this special collection of secrets from Finding Nicholas - the secrets of santa revealed by his woodsmen.

The Woodsman's Tale - share your life without expectations
The Woodsman's Tale Jonathon Syzmoor, orphaned at the age of eleven in early 1800s Scandinavia, left his home to get an education. Returning home six years later he made an uncommon contract with the richest man in town. After one year Jonathon held the seat of power and married his soul-mate. Tragedy struck again and Jonathon immersed himself in business. Awakened from his soulless world by the generosity of his grandson Jonathon made another agreement, this time with a man in a long red cape. This agreement changed his life and has effected the lives of countless others ever since.

What others have said:
"The creativity, the imagination, the anticipation, the wordsmith, the plot line, the character development all make it difficult to determine if this book is fact or fiction. Either way, The Woodsman's Tale will be passed down to my son, his children, their children, etc. An absolute must for any individual who understands the gift of giving without expectation of return or recognition. Well done Gale." Jim Lewis, Asheville, NC

"Great book to share with the whole family, to be passed from generation to generation. A story of family and perseverance, where decisions we make can affect more than we could possibly imagine...its believing to Believe." Pat, Raleigh, NC.

"After disadvantages, brokeness, and pain, the joy of overcoming and giving to others without expecting anything in return triumphs. The details and imagination of the author impressed me. This book will make you cry in pain and cry with joy. The Woodsman's Tale is not an easy read, but well worth the effort. It has an ultimate message of hope and positive change in the lives of gift givers and recipients. Glad I took the time to read the Woodman's Tale." Jim Dyer, Wake Forest, NC.

"This afternoon just before dinner we experienced another part of Johnathon Syzmoor's life. He overcame almost every trial that a person could experience. Those lesson's taught him to become a "Gift Giver"; always in secret doing great things for the community. He was tough, cold, and deliberate in the business he built. He became someone who we all could hate as he walked away from his own infant child. He was molded into the perfect picture of a redeemed man as he became the "Gift Giver" by way of becoming the Woodsman. Congratulations on your book and Laurrie and I await your next one this fall." D. Iceman, Fredricksburg, Va

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