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As part of my journey as Santa's Woodsman, I visit the North Pole. Not the frozen tundra but the REAL Village at the North Pole, where Santa, the elves, and his reindeer live and play. Whenever I visit I try to collect stories that will help keep the True Magic of Christmas alive in Every Day. This is the job Saint Nicholas gave me as his thirteenth Woodsman, share the stories of the Woodsmen and the True Magic of Christmas.

My bride, Christmasana, loves to draw and has illustrated some of the stories I collected. This is really her project born from an incredible Love of the True Spirit of Christmas - Sharing, stories you can share with your children. With your help this list of stories will grow.

How Santa's Reindeer Got Their Bells
Order from Amazon.com Santa arrives in the earliest minutes of Christmas morning, still Christmas Eve to many. How do you know when he is in your neighborhood? Bells! You can hear the bells on his sleigh. But, did you know that a long time ago, Santa's sleigh did not have bells and slipped quietly through the night? The beautiful bells you hear on Christmas morning came about because of a young boy, a cat, and a reindeer who did not yet have a name. Join Victor and Jasper as they bring bells to Santa's sleigh.

Order from Amazon.com The Bethlehem Tree
Visiting churches and festivals, Saint Nicholas enjoyed telling stories. One of his favorite stories, written down by the fourth of his Woodsmen, was about the very first tree of Christmas. A tree which grew in Bethlehem in the years right after the birth of Jesus. Nicholas continues his story describing the significance of the shape of the evergreen, the tree so many of us enjoy decorating for Christmas.

The First to Fly
Order from Amazon.com Santa Claus is known for bringing Hope, Joy, and Love around the world. But just as fabulous as his gifts is how he travels. He uses a miraculous sleigh pulled by incredible reindeer - FLYING REINDEER! These magical creatures are small, powerful, and are born in only one place in the entire world - The North Pole. But where did they come from and how do they FLY? Welcome to The First to Fly, the story of Njord and Odin, and Magni, the man who cared for them.

Order from Amazon.com Joy Ride
Travel at the North Pole is done by foot or sleigh, occasionally pulled by flying reindeer. When Abbott and Leesa, stumble upon an unattended training sleigh, Abbott sees no harm in a quick fly around the village. But, when the weather takes a turn, the results are most unexpected . . . .

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