Comments are difficult to come by following a presentation, everybody is laughing and saying "Thank You". But, here are a few notes from folks who have mailed their comments to me.

Gale Buck, a masterful story teller, establishes a rapport with my students the moment he walks into my classroom. His stories are filled with expression, excitement and adventure which keeps my students on the edge of their seats. Questions at the end of his presentation range from, "Are frog biters real?" to "Can I learn to tell stories like Mr. Buck?" My adults with intellectual disabilities were open to the possibility of Storytelling themselves which is an amazing gift that Gale gave to us. Thank you, Gale Buck Joy Bowman, Wake Technical Community College

I can't thank you enough! We've heard nothing but wonderful feedback about you and your stories! A family that went to the storytelling also went on the canoe paddle the next morning and we paddled over the spot where Hannah’s rock is. The loved it! The staff also loved how you carried out the legend and made it something so much more! You made it ccome to life. Rachel Toward, Hungry Mother State Park, Va

The old adage that "time goes fast when you are having fun" certainly applies to Gale's storytelling. He can make an hour seem like 10 minutes. From his first words, he leads the listener on a journey to far away places & places that are very familiar but tells him or her things about those places that may have a basis in truth but are mostly figments of Gale's imagination. He certainly is a master in the art of storytelling. Hilda Eakins, North Raleigh United Methodist Churcy - JOY

Your remarkable way of capturing your listener, spinning an intricate tale rich with characters and intriguing events....Your uncanny skill at tapping right into the genre interests of our kids with your tales held them wrapped from start to finish. I could not have hoped for more than what your vibrant imagination brought to my kids. I look forward to having you back in the coming years..." Christina Iadicicco, Martin GT Magnet Middle School, WCPSS, Raleigh, NC.

Gale, thank you so much again for coming out. It really was a blessing. You're the Greatest! Jadie Fuson,Cameron Boys Camp

Get E Gale Buck talking ... about the weather, fishing, the North Pole, or even himself, and be prepared to hear him describe whatever it is in a whimsiccal, winding fashion. That is because what Buck does best is storytelling. Wake Forest Weekly, August 7, 2014

Gale, it was great! The crowd and Booksellers thought you were amazing, so thank you! I would like to host you again next year for sure! Amanda Pottinger, CRM Barnes & Noble